About the group

The Technology-enhanced learning (TEL) group at the IDEAL unit studies how technology influences learning and teaching practices in schools (on all educational levels) and in everyday life, how technology-enhanced learning can be designed for and orchestrated, and on the development of new learning technologies. The TEL-team focuses not only on technology but also on the behavioural, cultural and social contexts wherein technology is used, and a critical perspective on TEL is adopted in much of our work. Methodologically, we rely on design-based research to large extent.

The group presents an interdisciplinary character and consists of a number of senior researchers and PhD students interested in the use of technology in formal and informal learning contexts.

Our current research areas include:

  • Collaborative learning
  • Computing education
  • Computer assisted language learning
  • Critical aspects in TEL
  • Design-based educational research
  • Design for learning
  • Digital literacy
  • ICT and Engagement
  • Mobile learning
  • Multimodality & Learning
  • Learning analytics
  • Online and blended education
  • Open education
  • Participation and Inclusion
  • Simulation-based learning and training
  • Teacher professional development

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